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"Is Narrow Gauge Available for our event?"

We get asked this on almost a daily basis!   The quickest way to find out if we are available is to text us at 719-231-7195 and we will text you back instantly with our availability.   You can also hit the chat button at the bottom of this page and get a quick response.    Email is a slower way to find out, but we will typically answer you within 4 hours.    If we are available and you would like to get a proposal for your event, you should fill out  our "Reserve Us" page/form. Give us as much information as possible and we will get you a proposal within 24 hours.

"Have you ever had the police shut down a performance of the band?”

Actually, it has happened ONCE. We were performing at a HUGE outdoor wedding. President George W. Bush and his family were present. Jenna and Laura Bush (the President’s daughters) and their friends were on stage singing with the band when the police came and shut us down! It’s a true story and an interesting factoid about Narrow Gauge!   The song: Mustang Sally

"We love country music but not everyone at the party will. Can Narrow Gauge play a good mix of songs that everyone will enjoy and dance to?"

Yes, Yes and Yes! Almost every event we play at has the same guest situation as you described. We play a wide variety of music from AC/DC to Zac Brown and EVERYTHING in between. We pride ourselves on being able to get all your guests on the dance floor and we will play whatever style of music it takes to get them there!

“What kind of events will Narrow Gauge perform at?”

Weddings, corporate parties, private parties, street dances, Rodeos, County Fairs, fundraisers, and concerts. 

We have performed on national TV, at Invesco Field (home of THE Denver Broncos!) and for the owner of the National Hockey League’s Columbus Blue Jackets. We have also opened Dwight Yoakams legendary guitarist Pete Anderson, performed for President George W. Bush and his family, and a host of big and small weddings, corporate events, private parties, rodeos, street dances and county fairs.

"How much does it cost to hire Narrow Gauge?"

It depends on a lot of different factors:  where your event is, what time of year, how long you want us to play etc.  Since Narrow Gauge performs all over Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska, South Dakota and Texas it is difficult to give set rates for everything.  Our rates start at $1000 per event and go up from there.  Ask us for a quote and we will email you a custom proposal with up front pricing and NO hidden fees.

“How Does your DJ thing work?”

Narrow Gauge comes to each show with a great DJ set up. This allows us to play any type of music or song that you want to dance to when the band goes on break. You will be able to go through our DJ play list and tell us the songs you think will work for your crowd. Don’t worry if you are not sure what will work, because we can always figure it out!

“Can we see you perform live?”

Absolutely! We can get you into 90% of all our shows. If you are a bride and groom, we can get you into most of our weddings. All we ask is that you are willing to let another bride and groom come see us at YOUR wedding! 

"We live out of town and can't see Narrow Gauge before we hire you.  What do you suggest?"

Would you believe that 35% of all our clients can't see us before they hire us?  It's true.  There are a couple of ways we try and help make the booking processs easier for you. First, all of our demo stuff is live.  We do that intentionally so that clients just like you can hear how the band REALLY sounds.  We don't doctor these demos in anyway.  So make sure you give our demos a listen.  

Secondly, with every quote we give, we  provide actual names and telephone numbers of past brides, wedding planners, and corporate clients.  Feel free to call them and ask them about us.

"We've decided to book Narrow Gauge. How does it work?"

It's easy!  Just text, call or email us.  We'll put together a simple contract and send it to you via email.  Once we get that back along with a small deposit you will have booked us for your event.  In most cases, the balance will be due a couple of weeks before of your event.

“How big of a stage area does the band need?”

Thanks for asking! We need a minimum 12’ wide by 16’ deep area to set up all our gear and perform. We love a bigger area, but too much smaller than that and it gets a bit cramped. We prefer an actual stage, but don’t have to have one. Dedicated floor space works, but a risen stage looks better for photos, especially when we pull you and your friends on stage to sing a song with the band.

“Can You Guys handle the Master of Ceremonies for our wedding reception?” 

Absolutely! We can handle everything from announcing the wedding party, your first dance, the toasts, cake cutting and even the garter and bouquet tosses. 

“What kind of power requirements does the band have?”

We don’t need much. However, we do need a minimum of two outlets, each fed from separate 15 or 20 amp circuit breakers in the same power panel, and the outlets must be dedicated solely for the band’s equipment. The outlets must be positioned within 20 feet of the back of our stage area. Two outlets from the same circuit breaker may not provide sufficient current for the band’s equipment, and outlets from different panels or sources can create ground loops that may cause unwanted noise and/or may pose a safety risk from shock. If you are unsure about this, ask your facility manager or give us a call. Outlets must be properly grounded 3 prong and if the stage area is concrete or outdoors the outlets must have GFCI protection on the circuits.

“Can Narrow Gauge perform during dinner or the cocktail hour?”

Yes, we can. If you want the band to perform during these times, we suggest it be as an acoustic duo. This provides great entertainment without being too loud. Guests are generally talking during these times and our acoustic duo is a perfect fit when the full band may be too much.

“Can Narrow Gauge learn our first dance song?”

Yes, we can! Sometimes the song you choose is easy and a perfect fit for our band. Other times, we may not have the right instrumentation to pull it off according to our standards. However, whether we play it live or not, we can always play the exact song you want on our DJ rig.

“How far will Narrow Gauge travel?”

In the words of Buzz Light year; “To infinity and beyond!” Well, maybe not that far. We do travel throughout the US. Our driving range is about 500 miles one way anywhere from Denver, CO and we can fly to any destination.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.  If you don't see the answer to your specific question, call us at 719-231-7195 or start a chat session and we'll be happy to answer it for you!