Frequently asked questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions clients ask us about their Colorado weddings or Denver corporate events.  If you don't see the answer to your specific question, text us at 719-231-7195 or email us at [email protected]  and we'll be happy to answer it for you!
  1. "Are you guys even available?"
    Maybe! The quickest way to find out if we are available is to click on the "Are you Available" button at the bottom of this page. We will let you know in less than 5 minutes if we are available!
  2. “Can Narrow Gauge learn our first dance song?”
    Yes, we can! Sometimes the song you choose is easy and a perfect fit for our band. Other times, we may not have the right instrumentation to pull it off according to our standards. However, whether we play it live or not, we can always play the exact song you want on our DJ rig.
  3. "How much does it cost to hire Narrow Gauge?"
    Pricing depends on where your event is held, time of year, how long we play etc. Since we perform all over Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and beyond it is difficult to give set rates for everything. Every event is unique but most Colorado clients spend somewhere between $1497-$2495 with us. When we know the when and where we can give you and exact quote!
  4. "Do you play more than Country music?"
    Yes, Yes and Yes. We play a wide variety of music from AC/DC to Zac Brown and EVERYTHING in between. We pride ourselves on being able to get all your guests on the dance floor and we will play whatever style of music it takes to get them there!
  5. "Have you ever had the police shut down a performance of the band?”
    Actually, it has happened ONCE. We were performing at a HUGE outdoor wedding. President George W. Bush and his family were present. Jenna and Laura Bush (the President’s daughters) and their friends were on stage singing with the band when the police came and shut us down! It’s a true story and an interesting factoid about Narrow Gauge! The song: Mustang Sally
  6. "Can we come see you perform?"
    Absolutely! We can get you into 90% of all our shows. If you are a couple, we can get you into most of our weddings. All we ask is that you are willing to let another engaged couple come see us at YOUR wedding!
  7. "Can we hire you without seeing you perform?"
    Would you believe that 45% of all our clients can't see us before they hire us? It's true. There are a couple of ways we try and help make the "Checking us out" process easier. First, all of our demo stuff is live. We do that intentionally so that clients can hear how the band REALLY sounds. We don't doctor these demos in anyway. So make sure you give our demos a listen.
  8. “Can you guys handle the Master of Ceremonies for our wedding reception?”
    Absolutely! We can handle everything from announcing the wedding party, your first dance, the toasts, cake cutting and even the garter and bouquet tosses. We can also help you customize all those things so that your reception is uniquely you!
  9. "How does the DJ thing work?"
    Narrow Gauge comes to each show with a great DJ set up. This allows us to play any type of music or song that you want to dance to when the band goes on break. You will be able to customize this yourself ahead of time with whatever music you want! You get the best of both worlds: A fantastic live band AND DJ music so the party never stops
  10. “How far will Narrow Gauge travel?”
    In the words of Buzz Light year; “To infinity and beyond!” Well, maybe not that far. We do travel throughout the US. Our driving range is about 500 miles one way anywhere from Denver, CO and we can fly to any destination with a nearby airport.
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